Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.

Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder - CGWS-130B

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The perfect grinder for everyday use at home or in smaller offices? Let us introduce you to the Wilfa Svart Aroma Electric Coffee Grinder -  CGWS-130B

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This is an irreplaceable addition to your coffee kit which is easy to use and gives you a great grind. Its sleek, black exterior will look sophisticated on your kitchen worktop. And, we haven’t even got to its capabilities yet! 

To start, it has five different grind level settings to suit your brewing method of choice. This doesn’t include espresso but does for moka pot grinding. Regardless of your preferences, the Wilfa Svart Aroma has your morning coffee covered.

It has steel-coated, conical grinding burrs meaning they produce very little heat, preserving the fragile aromas and flavours of the coffee. And, with an upgraded DC motor, the machine is almost silent and even more accurate than previous models. 

The coffee bean holder and the ground coffee container are made from UV-protected plastic so that the coffee beans will not start deteriorating in harsh sunlight. This machine is set up to maintain the best flavour profiles of your coffee as possible.

We highly recommend the Wilfa Svart Aroma CGWS-130B coffee grinder thanks to many years’ experience with it’s earlier models. It is a serious contender within its price range and comes with a 5 year guarantee. 

Please note: This product has a European-style electric plug and uses 230V AC power. (Plug type: CEE 7/7, Type E (Schuko) / Type F compatible, or Europlug).For UK customers it requires a BSI-approved, 5A Euro to UK plug converter

Take a look at James Hoffmann’s review of this grinder.

  • 5 different grind settings to suit your brewing choices
  • Integrated timer
  • UV-protected bean hopper and coffee container
  • New DC motor for silent, accurate operation and less heat interference
  • 250g hopper capacity
  • 230 - 240V EU two-pin plug
  • UK adapter requirement: BSI-approved, 5A Euro to UK plug converter
  • Approved by European Brewing Center
  • 2-year warranty
  • Model code:  CGWS-130B
  • EAN: 7044876057716

How should I choose between the grind settings?

To change the grind settings on the Wilfa Svart grinder, you twist the hopper like in Wilfa’s other models. The hopper varies from coarse to fine and is also marked with grind suggestions such as ‘filter’ and ‘french press’. This helps you choose the correct setting to suit your taste preferences. 

What are the main differences between the Wilfa Svart Aroma Coffee Grinder and the Wilfa Uniform Grinder?

The main difference in the specification is that the Wilfa Svart grinder has 5 main grind settings and the Wilfa Uniform has 41. This means that the Svart grinder has more straightforward capabilities, but is still a model we seriously recommend. It is within a lower pricing bracket than the Uniform though still offers the unrivalled grind that Wilfa has become famous for.

What are the grind settings of the Aroma Svart Grinder

On the grind moving from left to right (coarsest to finest) the dial reads OFF, STEAP, FRENCH PRESS, FILTER, AEROPRESS, and MOCCA. The Steep and French Press settings are very coarse. You could use the Filter range of settings for brewing a large v60 or Chemex, or something equally slow draining, but generally, for our technique of coffee brewing, we're looking at the range between Filter and Aeropress on the dial.
Between the main settings, there are additional steps to adjust the grind size. So you can be halfway between filter and Aeropress to adjust the desired grind size further

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